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Knock down colored drop targets to light sauces at the top. Try to get the ball in the upper playfield as much as possible.



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Keep shooting to the spinner to build up the bonus balls and then the saucer on the left to collect.

Rinse, repeat.

Watch out for the bagatelle on the right if the gate is not open as outlane has a gap but can be bumped back into the inlane.

Last ball has double bonus so make it count.

AC/DC Premium

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Shoot right and left ramps repeatedly to enter 'Jam' multiball. Loops for 'Tour' multiball, standups and drops for 'Album'. Start multiball by shooting right ramp when respective insert is lit.

Center bell multiple times will light 2x and 3x playfield multiplier.

Aces & Kings

Addams Family

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Multiball - hit bookcase for GREED lights. lock balls 1 and 2 with thing saucer or short plunge to swamp, start multiball by hitting chair scoop, or bookcase for additional starting jackpot value.

Modes - shoot center ramp to relight chair scoop, shoot chair scoop when lit. can stack multiple modes. finish all modes for tour the mansion bonus 50M.

Be careful titling since bonus is applied at the end of the ball and can be significant from modes.




Skill shot, hit both flippers at top of ramp and try to make the center twice for two ball mutliball.

Shoot left ramp in succession for cumulative millions.


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shoot right bank of captive balls to light spinners.

top inlanes are multipliers.

just keep shooting right captive balls?


Bonus X carries so shoot for the upper drops early and then build bonus.

Alien Poker

plunge "King" lanes. "kings" increase red multiplier for when completing drop targets. multiplier stays from ball to ball. king lanes only advance one way with right flipper.

drop targets need to be completed in order, otherwise it reduces the value of the drops. try and shoot targets and kings from left flipper Q maybe from right flipper.

bonus multipliers are increased by hitting blue joker targets.

can ignore spinner and go for kings and drops and 3x bonus advance from top hole.

bonus can be significant with multipliers.

Alien Star

Side targets light multiball scoop on left when 'alien' spelled out. Spinner changes 2x, 3x, 5x playfield multiplier which is active during multiball.

Right inlane lights left spinner for a short period of time.

Lock stays lit between balls.

Big points: Get into multiball and light spinner and rip it.

Alternate Strategy: Light spinner and rip it for 10K a spin.

Notes: - Lock scoop needs a bump coming out or frequently drains left. - No tilt warning - Lock shot late on flipper, almost shatz late


Lanes light multipliers, left drop targets lights lock in left loop. Release by hitting stand-up above lower pop bumper. Can drop lock drop during mulitball and relock when back to one ball. Open it up and then play mulitball.


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Holes up top are big points try to land in the 300 holes on the plunge.

Keep throwing the ball up top and try to land in the holes and hit lit pops.


Asteroid Annie and the Aliens

Atlantis (Bally)

Hit standups to light locks at left ramp, send ball back up top to use lanes to spot targets. Rip spinner when lit for short timer.

Attack From Mars

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Shoot middle orbit to light locks. During multiball shoot each fan shot for jackpots and then the strobing shot for super jackpot.

Shoot each of the major fan shots 3 times each to start 'Total Annihalation' multiball.

Attilla the Hun

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Can't rotate hun letters but they do go back and forth between hn an u lit, can time the plunge to hit u when the others are lit. Hitting the upper captive ball is hard.

Can back hand the spinner from the right. The loop to the right of the pops can be worth shooting with increasing value.

Austin Powers


Avengers LE


center top lane ('A') lights spinner for 1K/spin. light spinner and keep hitting it.

hitting stand ups increases the right kicker collect value and with a well timed nudge can sometimes give double value.

hitting 'Z' or 'T' lights double bonus and is conveniently the spinner or right kicker shot.

Banzai Run


Completing each target bank lights a lock and adds a multiplier (yellow per/ball). Completing both will light a green multiplier that stays through the game. The two multipliers are multiplied together e.g. 2x (g) 3x (y) = 6x bonus. ACORA bank lights upper lock, BARR bank lights lower saucer.

To light botton lanes (4,5,6) the light above must be lit (1,2,3). Each completion of 4,5,6 lights values for upper right target and stay throughout game. Finishing 1,2,3 & 4,5,6 lights upper saucer for bonus collect.

Ball locked in upper saucer will release if the second ball is drained.

Spinner advances bonus greatly.


Batman Dark Knight


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Go for skillshot, they increase in points. Three of them lights pops for 2M.

Complete drop targets to light locks at guard tower.

Modes can be timed out.

Big Buck Hunter

Big Game

Big Guns

Big Indian

Black Belt

Black Knight

Black Pyramid

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Shoot inline drops on the right for bonus multipliers and left loop for increasing value. Plunging 'A' opens gate on right outlane.

Bram Stoker's Dracula


Buck Rogers


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Knock down drop targets to light in lanes for double bonus, build bonus.

Each completion of drops makes them worth more 100,1K,10K and lights more butterfly letters.

Cactus Canyon

Cactus Jack's

Captain Fantastic

Card Whiz

Lighting green, yellow and pink jokers increases value of drop targets when hit. Try and light one or two before knocking down targets.

last ball is double bonus so try not to waste it



knocking down ORBS targets "locks" balls for multiball. knocking them down in order immediately releases a ball and adds a ball to the number of locked balls.

knocking down right 1234 targets in order lights 'release' right loop to start multiball with locked balls. standup right of pops spots target.

finishing top lanes increases bonus multiplier

Centigrade 37

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Rollover A,B,C,D to light drop targets for higher value. Dropping all the standups once will light an alternating standup on the right for double advance and the other to reset drops. Dropping and resetting can be worth good points. Otherwise shoot for saucer and try to rollover lit rollovers.



Cirqus Voltaire

Class of 1812


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Match the colors of the top lanes with the drop targets to advance bonus.

Keep sending the ball back up top to get more colors lit.

Scoops on left and right sides get double bonus.



Cosmic Gunfight

Shoot right orbit to advance values and light 2x playfield score for the rest of the ball. Also to advance bonus X. Probably the easiest points strategy, keep hitting the right orbit.

Complete top 1-2-3 lanes to light multiball locks (upper left and left orbit). Can repeat as often as necessary.

Complete 9 insert grid under left standups to enable end of game bonus time (cosmic time), which increases based on various playfield shots. Can change lit row holding one flipper and tapping the other.

Completing X-Y lanes advances center eject value.




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No idea just keep the ball alive. Seems pretty easy for a wide body. Maybe something with the green lights. The drops seem to reset on a timer.

Creature from the Black Lagoon



Deadly Weapon

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Left spinner all day and grind it out?

Shoot right squad to left loop.

Dialed In


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Right ramp spells DINER lights lock and allows you to spin the cup on the ramp. Generally perfer not to spin the cup as the DINER remains lit after multiball ends and allows quicker path back to multiball, only one shot to the ramp then relights locks.

Easier to start multiball from hole on the right, or you can shoot the spinner and go up top.

Left ramp is worth increasing value on sequential shots on a timer to reset.

Top lanes increase multiplier.

Dirty Harry

Doodle Bug


Dr. Dude


Dragon - (Interflip)

1,3,5 lanes light pops, knock down dragons and loop the lit buttons.


Eight Ball

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Try to plunge right lane as it frequently hits the red eight ball target off the bumper and lights kickback and spinner. Collect balls for bonus.

Hit right bank shot loop to build end of ball bonus X.

Eight Ball Champ

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Left loop is multipliers, then hit stuff.

Eight Ball Deluxe

El Dorado

El Toro

Plunge center lane to try and get ball to go down middle two lanes to light pops, hit mushrooms to light right lanes for 1k and send ball back up to top.

Light pops and keep hitting them.

Elivra and the Party Monsters



Escape from the Lost World

Evel Knievel

F-14 Tomcat

Light locks by hitting tomcat letters from upper playfield or by shooting far right lock shot to spot a letter.

Locks can stack and be locked from plunge for safer MB start

Lift right upper flipper to make lock shot more open

Shoot lock shot for jackpots

Bonus can be significant, try not to tilt


Family Guy

Fast Draw

A,B,C lanes light pop bumpers.

Keep ball up in pops and try to land in saucers, worth 1K + 1K x number of letters spotted.

Avoid drop targets until last ball since they're worth double bonus then.

Try to glance off top drop target.

Could alley pass for A and C, try for B off plunge.




completing stands lights locks for multiball, progress is generally lost between balls on stands, but locks will remain.

safer strategy is to keep sending the ball up to the lanes and complete them for bonus and bonus multipliers.

if you can complete a set of targets, the spinner will light for 1K/spin and can be good points if juiced.

Fish Tales


Flash Gordon


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Spinner all day. Right or left flipper

Top saucer is valuable.

Completing A-B-C-D targets lights double bonus.

Flight 2000

Shoot the right spinner.

Force II

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Soft plunge to ensure you get one of the top lanes.

Light colored rollovers and knock down drops to increase bonus multiplier.

The red white and blue top lanes light corresponding standups around the playfield. When any of these targets are hit the lock is lit for multiball.



Hit multiplier targets and rip spinner.

Knock down all multiplier targets for big bonus.


Future Spa

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Skill shot the center 'T' or 'U' to light the gate on the left.

Watch out for the gap on the right side under the bumpers.

Drop targets and mini loop spot letters.


Game of Thrones

Game Show


Gay 90's






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Shoot the center target to light locks at left inner loop. Shoot the left ramp to feed the left inline and raise the ramp for the satellite. Shoot all jackpots to light satellite jackpot.

Lock ramp can be backhanded.

Short ball saver after hitting center target.


Grand Lizard

Magnets on outlanes, like Jungle Lord, keep the ball up top and back hand the left loop up there for increasing points, locks are a back hand from the left to the loop by the ramp and are always lit to relock. There will start mulitball or two ball if you shoot the green light in the upper right after locking a ball. Watch out when the ball comes down the center.

Grand Prix

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Build up bonus on lit side, by ripping the spinner(s). Collect bonus at the side saucers.

Knock down A and B targets for double bonus.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Take StarLord to start. It's an instant two ball multiball and can let you get a feel for the table.

Guns N Roses

Hang Glider

Harlem Globetrotters

Haunted House

Heavy Metal Meltdown

Hi Deal

Hi-Lo Ace

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Collect cards and keep ball alive?

High Hand

High Roller Casino

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Start with shooting the slot machine to start a multiball. Take roll and win whenever it's lit up the center ramp.

High Speed


Hokus Pokus


Hot Line

A and B rollovers at top light bumpers for 100. Just keep the ball in the bumpers.

Try and get lit drain rollover for 300pts

Hot Tip

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Knock down drop targets and keep hitting the spinner. Try and get double bonus from top saucer.


Incredible Hulk

Independence Day

Indiana Jones (Williams)

Indianapolis 500

Iron Man


Johnny Mnemonic

Joker Poker


Judge Dredd

Jumping Jack

Jungle Lord

Jungle Queen


Jurassic Park

King Kool

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Keep shooting the spinners to build bonus. Center target will open gate on the right when lit.

'I', 'N' unlit lights center for open gate?

King of Diamonds




Lady Luck

Last Action Hero

Legends Of Wrestlemania

Lethal Weapon 3

Liberty Bell

Lights, Camera, Action

Little Chief

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Go for a and B then build bonus and collect from right gate.

Lord of the Rings

Lost World


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spinners all day

increase value by spotting m-a-g-i-c.

knock down upper drop targets for bonus X.

bonus collect if you can nudge into the saucer on the left of the pops.

Magic City

Tilt Ends Game!!!

Hit center rollover or center standup target to light pop bumpers. Lighting bumpers is crucial to big scores.

Hitting center standup also spots a letter and if the light above the star is lit will light the center 100pt pop.

Mars Trek

Mata Hari

Medieval Madness







Monster Bash


Select playfield multiplier at beginning of game, sticks all game. Pick the three times multiplier. Makes million point ramp harder but is much easier to get points just hitting bumpers etc.

Mousin' Around



NBA (Stern)

Nitro Groundshaker

No Fear

Old Chicago


Party Zone

Left ramp right saucer repeated.

Pat Hand

Phantom of the Opera

Pinball Lizard


Pirates of the Caribbean

Poker Plus

plunge for left or right lit lane. center lights both sides.

shoot for drop targets, center target resets.

shooting right "loop" between 'A' and rubber can loop it around the top and back to the right side for decent points and a "safe" feed to the flipper.

Police Force

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Keep hitting the center ramp repeatedly. After a few shots it will be worth 1M until you miss and trumps most other points available. If fat rubbers make it difficult, then look to play the rest of the game.

Power Play


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Build up gold and silver bonus, gold left orbit, silver spinners. Spinners can be lit for 1k and somewhat worth it while building silver. Once maxed go for gold.


shoot the left saucer mulitiple times to build up the value of the left drop target bank and keep knocking them down. Shooting from the right flipper can sweep a few in a shot. Saucer may send it down the middle so abandon strategy and shoot spinners and bonus X if that's the case.

knock down right drop target bank to increase bonus X which carries throughout the game so it can be worth it early.


Ready Aim Fire

Revenge From Mars

Ripley's Believe it or not

Riverboat Gambler

Road Kings

Road Show


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Shoot the spinner. Completing each color (standups or top lanes) makes the spinner worth more and also lights locks on the right ramp.

Shoot the ramp in multiball for jackpot 1M max.

Rocky And Bullwinkle

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Shoot center or left scoop and then left ramp to start modes. Complete bomb targets to finish pie and light triball on right ramp.

During multiball, shoot left orbit to light jackpot. Shoot again to light double jackpot. Collect on right ramp. Complete light pie to light 100m right ramp shot.

Completing hat trick (left targets) while in 2-ball play adds the 3rd ball back. You can do this multiple times in one multiball.

Simply comboing the ramps can be decent points.


Roller Coaster Tycoon


Rolling Stones


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1/3 soft ish plunge to hit left top sling and light center 100 try and keep hitting bumpers and mushroom bumpers.

Satin Doll

Scared Stiff

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Go for left ramp and left orbit to light locks and start coffin multiball. Alternate ramps during multiple for jackpots. Go for mutliball extensions from the backglass.

Can use crate multiball to make progress on stiff-o-meter tasks like dead heads and lab.




Simpsons Pinball Party

Six Million Dollar Man

Plunge for center saucer, it increases bonus multiplier and raises post between flippers. Try not to hit the star rollovers since those will lower the post. Tap pass to either flipper and shoot spinners to send ball back up top and try to land in the saucer.


Slick Chick

Snow Derby

Solar Fire

Solar Ride

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Knock down drops and build up bonus. Collect as often as possible.

Skill shot lit lane to increase bonus multiplier for ball.



Sound Stage

Hit c and d stand ups to light center spin targets for 1k per spin.

Space Race

knock down both sets of drop targets and shoot for the double bonus target behind them.

Space Shuttle

Space Station

Spanish Eyes

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Top rollover is key to light bumpers. If center horseshoe is lit it's 5k and with trying to go for.


Star Pool

Star Trek (DE)

Star Trek Pro

Star Wars Trilogy


view pintips

Soft plunge on ball one to send ball across to kickback to start immediate multiball.

First jackpot in multiball will add a ball, perhaps the lower righ target from the left flipper.

Then shoot the pyramid.


Starship Troopers


Super Orbit

Super Straight



Surf'n Safari


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Half to 3/4 plunge to center try for right side of play field to raise post and send it back up in the pops? Try to light the Target bonus from the right and left stand up but it's not a full flip from settled with post up.

Triple ball bonuse on 5th ball.

Swords of Fury

left spinner all day. keep shooting to start/restart multiballs.

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Target Alpha

Target Pool


Terminator 2

Terminator 3

The Flinstones

The Shadow

Theatre of Magic

Time Fantasy

Time Machine

Time Zone

Time plunge to try and lock tunnel in for higher value.

Hit center target to raise post and continue to collect tunnel value. Can generally tap pass from side to side and then shoot for center target.

Watch out for rolling over buttons that drop the center post.



view pintips

Choose autobots.

Mudflaps and skids is a multiball which can be used to start Prime or Megatron multiball.


Triple Action


3 major multiballs, light cycle, quora, and disc.

disc starts after multiple shots to center to lower bank and then more shots to spinning disc.

light cycle is yellow inserts, only a few needed for first MB then all shots to relight.

multiple inner left shot lights quora which has an add-a-ball by hitting the center bank. 3 add a balls are possible.

collect light cycle and quora MBs at the arcade scoop.

Twilight Zone


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Shoot the lit spinner.




Walking Dead

Wheel of Fortune



Who Dunnit

Wild Fyre


Wizard of Oz

World Cup

World Cup Soccer

World Poker Tour



X's and O's


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Shoot the yellow targets to build up the score on the reels

Side rollovers light pops for 100 but top lanes are worth 10k, try and get some up and down up there.

Finish yukon for big points.

Zig Zag